What is NFESA trying to do to domestic workers under the COVID-19 pandemic?

We got two pictures from a caretaker, and she got it from her broker. It is an official letter issued on January 19 from the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) in reply to the National Federation of Employment Service Association (NFESA) for their earlier request. 

It seems some brokers are starting to send the letters to the migrant workers who want to transfer to the factory and apparently can’t understand the written Chinese at all and give them some misleading and wrong explanation of the letter, and so it has been a confusion to some migrant workers already. I think it is absolutely necessary to clarify the contents of the letter to all migrant workers who might get the same messages and pictures from their brokers. 繼續閱讀「What is NFESA trying to do to domestic workers under the COVID-19 pandemic?」

Backlash from MECO

I’m really disappointed by the ridiculous “settlements" some MECO (Manila Economic and Cultural Office, the de facto Philippine embassy in Taiwan) officers did for OFWs. This time, not the notorious labor attache Fidel Macauyag in MECO Taichung, but MECO Kaohsiung. 繼續閱讀「Backlash from MECO」