In Changi Airport…

I’m in the Free Internet Corner in the Chani Airport in Singapore. It’s so easy to find it, it’s just right in the front on the way out of the way from the plane. The amazing thing is that is totally free! And each computer is equipped with Windows XP and has a web cam!! So you can even use to have a live chat with your friend.Of course, no Chinese system on this public computer, so I’ll have to type in English.

Comparing to the similar service in the Second Terminal of the CKS Airport in Tao-Yuan, it’s so much better here. I’ve tried to write one articleon this blog with the paid computer before departing, but the connection is so bad that it breaks all the time, but it’s keep on charging me!

The only bad thing is that you can only use for 15 mins, and I’m on the edge already…

Well I know how severe it is in Singapore. Before my next flight to Columbos in Sri Lanka at about 22:40, I’ll have several hours to observe from my eyes and ears how it feels to be in Singapore– although I’ll be only stepping in the gate of it.

See you all, and I’ll try to find somewhere to use the internet often in Sri Lanka. I believe there must be some.

p.s., the only thing pity is that I don’t have a digital camera, or I’ll able to put the photos right away.

KarlMarx from Changi Airport, Singapore


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