In the Internet Room of the Villa Ocean View Hotel

Yes, Here I am, sitting in frong of the only computer inside the internet room of the Villa Ocean View Hotel, using the dial-up internet connection to blog. Although it’s only a dial-up connection though a telephone line, the speed is much faster than I imagined. In Taiwan, the dial-up connection through modem could be so slow that you’ll want to destroy the computer.It’s just like a nightmare last night in the airport. My plane arrived at about 1:30 after midnight (the time is Sri Lanka is two hours slower than that in Taiwan, so you can imagine I was already very tired then), and after the long line before the immigration counters, I was callled to their office to fill out another form, and they stampped the visa on the form instead of on my passport. I think I’m the only one who have been treated like this. Why? The officer in the office smiled and said after I asked: “You’re from Taiwan, ah?" I think it’s good already that I was not refused to enter the country before being deported back home.

Then I coudln’t find my luggage for ten minutes, I only found it before given up. Finally I saw the person waiting for me, it’s just like a savior in the turbulent world. It’s so hot, noisy and polluted outside the small airport. Then the driver told me it’ll take 2 hours to the hotel instead of 45 minutes. I felt that I was cheated by the letter they gave us before.

It’s lucky that the driver is an interesting and nice guy. I regret that I only tipped him for 50 SLR (Sri Lankan Rupee, 1 US$ is equivalent to about 93 SLR).

The meeting itself is one of the most boring one I’ve ever seen. Feudal, stupid and bureaucratic. “Union leaders" were called “sir" and “mam" and were given service by the waiters and waitress all the time. How ironic it is!

I don’t want to pay another 250 SLR for another 30 minutes tonight, so I’ll stop now.


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