My Unbelievably Crazy Trip

Guess where I am? Singapore? No. I’m in the Dubai International Airport, where I’ll still have to wait for more than seven hours before my flight to Istanbul, Turkey. It’s totally different from my original plan, for I made a big mistake.I can’t read anything from Taiwan on this computer near the Gate 16 in the Dubai International Airport. Not any page, even the blogs which uses UTF-8 codings. This shocking truth make me to doubt that if it’s really that useful to use UTF-8. For the computer still asks for the Chinese system from the original disc.

I should had taken the plane from Taipei to Singapore of Singapore Airline which would take off at 14:10 on May 24. But I remembered the time as 14:30 and I did too many stupid thing so I found the right time only when I was already on my way to the airport on taxi!

I asked the tourist agency to ask the airport to wait for me, but of course it’s not possible. The agency then suggested me to try to catch the flight of China Airline at 14:35. But when I rushed into the counter of CI, it’s closed already, too.

So what next? I tried to ask the counters of China, Cathay and Thai Airlines for other possibilities. And also my agent (a cadre of the Taipei Tourist Union, which affiliate to the Taipei Federation of Labor, a CFL affiliate) tried her best to find a way for me.

Possibility 1: taking a Thai flight to Bangkok and another Turkey Airline flight to Istanbul. But it’s already full on the Turkey flight, even standing-byers are 14.

Possibility 2: taking a Cathay flight to Hong Kong, then another flight from the same company to Frankfurt (which I had taken in 1997), and then another flight to Istanbul by either Luft Hansa or Turky Airline. But it’s too late when we were trying that the it’s already impossible to book any seat by computer.

Possibility number 3: taking a China Airline flight to Hong Kong, and another to Singapore, to catch the Singapore Airline flight to Istanbul (which would shortly stop in Dubai, and that’s my original path in the plan). But it’s once again too late for me to ask; it’s closed before I asked.

So the final path would be: taking a China Airline flight to Hong Kong, an Emirates flight to Dubai, and another Emirates flight to Istanbul.

Unfortunately, there are nine hours between the arrival of the plane to Dubai and the next flight to Istanbul. It’s the longest transferring time that I ever had. Luckily, two hours and a half already passed. The rest six hours and a half may not be so hard to go through.

Anyway, after hours of exhausting and tiring asking, I got this trip. I went back home for a while, eating the dinner, and rushed to the agent to get the new tickets and rushed to the airport again by a same taxi.

So that’s the brief report of this crazy journey of mine for the past 20 hours.

The time gap between Dubai and Taipei is for hours, and that between Dubai and Istanbul seems to be one, also. So there are five hours gap between Taipei and Istanbul. This is during the summer.

I’ll try to write more after I arrived the Hotel, if I can use my notebook to connect the internet there.

Some last words and the lessons I’ve learned from this trip: don’t take the airplane like taking a bus. It’ll never wait for you!


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