In Miyazaki, Japan for the 2004 World Congress of ICFTU

I’m right now in the internet cafe in the Sheraton Ocean Hotel. I came to Japan yesterday after an urgent demand by my boss that I come as his representative to participate in the ICFTU 2004 World Congress in Miyazaki.The distance from Taipei to Miyazaki isn’t really that far, but the trip is absolutely tiring and complicated. I took a Cathay flight to Tokyo and landed in the Hirada (Cheng) Airport, but the flight from Tokyo to Miyazaki, which is in the island of Kyushu, quite far to Tokyo on a local scale, would be departured from the Haneda Airport. The security check is quite strick in Tokyo, so it took a long time for me to leave the airport.

It took about 75 minutes by bus to get to Haneda. And after I arrived there, I found that the final plane to Miyazaki is already leaving (at 19:05), and it’s not allowed to sleep inside the airport, so the only possibility for me would be stay one night in a hotel and go to Miyazaki by the first plane this morning, and that’s what I did.

I asked the assistance of the airport staff to book the cheapest room nearby, and went to the Hotel Air Lines in Hojiya in four station away from Haneda through Keishu Line train. It took another 5 minutes to walk to the hotel from the train station. I took my dinner in a Sichuan dumbling restaurant on the street and took a walk along the streets in that town before going back to the hotel.

Anyway, I’m here now, facing the complicated and boring matters. It’s the world congress of ICFTU which only take place once in four years, so it’s really a big event. There must be more than 1000 delegate and observers in the hotel. Although CFL is one of the founding members of ICFTU, it didn’t pay the affiliation fee yet, so I’m taken as an observer, so I (as representative of CFL) don’t have the right to vote or to be elected. I wonder if I have the right to speak.

The merger of ICFTU and WCL would be a super important issue this time. They say it’s gonna be a single international body for unionism, but I’m not too convinced. It’ll be a good chance for me to observe the difference the ICFTU from ICFTU-APRO, which I’m more familiar with.

I’ll have my room after 14:30, I hope I can use my notebook in the room.

That’f for now.

For more information about the congress and ICFTU, please check here.


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