Open letter to ITF: Taiwan, not “Taiwan, China"

剛剛在國際運輸勞聯(International Trasport Workers’ Federation, ITF)網站上加入聲援香港碼頭罷工工人的抗議連署,也看到了在ITF網站的連署表單上看到他們把台灣標名為「中國台灣」(Taiwan, China),於是寫了以下這封英文抗議信到ITF網站上給的聯絡信箱,看看會不會有回應。

To Whom It May Concerns,

I’m a union staff in Taiwan, and we have some ITF affiliates in Taiwan. I just signed the petition in support of the striking Hong Kong dock workers, but I found out that you mark Taiwan as “Taiwan, China" on your list, which is absolutely ridiculous and far from the reality:

1. Taiwan is an independent territory out of the control of the Beijing government. Beijing has no control over Taiwan.

2. In my knowledge, ITF has no affiliates in the mainland China (although you have affiliates in Hong Kong and Macau which are the automonous regions and controlled by China now), but you have 4 affiliates in Taiwan, according to your list of affiliates. I can’t see why ITF take the political pressures from China more important than the rights of the affiliates in Taiwan?

3. It is not about the controversies on the reunification or independence in Taiwan, it is about the reality. I am a labor activist and organizer and not a nationalist on neither pro-reunification nor pre-independence camp, but the way you put “Taiwan, China" really annoys me, and I believe many people in Taiwan would find it hard to accept and sign on the campaigns on your website once they found the way you put Taiwan.

Taiwan is not controlled by the Beijing government, it is a crystal reality, please don’t be blind to the fact and surrender to the Beijing authority. ITF is an independent federation, not part of UN; you don’t have to surrender and kowtow to the Beijing government. If you respect the truth, the affiliates and people in Taiwan to correct it, I believe ITF would earn more respect.

This is an open letter to ITF, and I will broadcast on my blog ( and my facebook wall ( I will follow the issue and report how you deal with it openly. Please correct it as soon as possible. Thank you!

Lennon Ying-Dah Wong
General Secretary,
First Commercial Bank Union (FCBU)
Taipei, Taiwan


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