An Open Letter to BDS Movement on the Naming of Taiwan

Once again, I found Taiwan had been put as “Taiwan, Province of China". This time on the page of the BDS Movement. I tried to sign on the “Sign for the updates" on the main page, I found Taiwan was put as “Taiwan, Province of China", although in other parts of the website, you can still find “Taiwan".

I decided to write a letter to the movement and ask them to change it. Here’s the letter:

I’m a labor activist in Taiwan, and I fully support the Palestinians and the DBS movement. Regrettably, when I tried to sign on the page, I found the setting of Taiwan on the country column is “Taiwan, Province of China", so I stopped to sign it.

Because it is totally wrong. Although PRC government in Beijing always claims that Taiwan is a province of China, but the fact is Taiwan has not been governed by the Baijing authority, or namely PRC for even one single day since 1949 until now. We have our own government, although it’s not recognized by too many countries because of the power of China. It’s somewhat similar to the situation of Palestine.

In Taiwan, people may have different opinions on the future, whether to maintain the status quo, to claim the independence, or to reunite with China, but right now we are not ruled by China, and that’s a crystal truth, 100%.

I hope you can change the setting immediately, or I can’t find the reason why to sign it. I support the Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank and Israel, and I hope the existence of Taiwan won’t be neglected.

I will make it as a public open letter on my blog ( and my Facebook page ( I’ll be looking forward for your prompt and positive response.

I really don’t think you should consider the power of China on this campaign. If you do so because of China, then it is a humiliation to all the people in Taiwan. Go and ask anyone in Taiwan, you will know how they feel about it.

Taiwan, and simply Taiwan, just like how it is on this contact page can represent itself quite well, not “Taiwan, Province of China", absolutely. You don’t need the approval from Beijing government to this campaign, just like you don’t need the approval from Israel.


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