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An Open Letter to BDS Movement on the Naming of Taiwan

Once again, I found Taiwan had been put as “Taiwan, Province of China". This time on the page of the BDS Movement. I tried to sign on the “Sign for the updates" on the main page, I found Taiwan was put as “Taiwan, Province of China", although in other parts of the website, you can still find “Taiwan".

I decided to write a letter to the movement and ask them to change it. Here’s the letter:



Open letter to ITF: Taiwan, not “Taiwan, China"

剛剛在國際運輸勞聯(International Trasport Workers’ Federation, ITF)網站上加入聲援香港碼頭罷工工人的抗議連署,也看到了在ITF網站的連署表單上看到他們把台灣標名為「中國台灣」(Taiwan, China),於是寫了以下這封英文抗議信到ITF網站上給的聯絡信箱,看看會不會有回應。

To Whom It May Concerns,

I’m a union staff in Taiwan, and we have some ITF affiliates in Taiwan. I just signed the petition in support of the striking Hong Kong dock workers, but I found out that you mark Taiwan as “Taiwan, China" on your list, which is absolutely ridiculous and far from the reality: